A 360-Degree View of the Customer Journey

September 23, 2021

At P3, we know that customer focus is the foundation to creating a positive experience and loyalty. We help our clients prioritize customer needs and take a 360-degree view of the customer journey in a constant effort to improve the quality of their customer service. By adopting an empathetic approach and active listening, these interactions provide valuable insights and opportunities for us to learn from the very people we serve.  Below are some basic steps we coach front-line teams on to positively impact the quality of the experience they deliver.

 See It

 Before you can improve the customer journey, you must first see it. So, it is necessary to step outside yourself for a moment and view the situation from the customer’s perspective. Ask yourself, “Why are they calling? How are they feeling? What do they need from you? What’s the most efficient way to solve their problem?” These probing questions will help you identify the customer’s specific needs or concerns and streamline the journey. In addition to improving operational efficiency, it also saves the customer valuable time which also improves their overall satisfaction.

Understand It

 Once you truly see what the customer experiences, you can better understand your role in the journey. By evaluating the situation, you can search for solutions that fall within your capabilities and also meet the customers’ expectations.

Active listening is a vital tool in helping you achieve better customer experiences. It is more than just hearing what the customer is saying. It requires you to not only hear, but to process the information and respond in a way that validates their concerns. Responding with follow-up questions helps you get to the root of the issue and demonstrates your attentiveness to the customer. People will often tell you what they want…if you take the time to actually listen.

 Feel It

 Although it is easy to get lost in your customers’ questions and concerns, you have to remember they are people too. When they call, it is usually because they don’t know where to turn, and need guidance or help to resolve their problem. Most of the time, they just want someone to listen and recognize their situation.

Showing empathy during the customer journey makes them feel heard and valued. Employing both active listening and empathy can quickly defuse escalated interactions and help you lead to faster, peaceable solutions. When customers feel you truly care, they also put a higher value on their relationship with your company, your products, and services.

 Improve It

P3 has years of experience identifying gaps in service and uncovering issues to improve the customer journey. We pride ourselves in our ability to help teams at every level drive superior customer experience (CX). It begins by evaluating each customer interaction to find tailored solutions, and by taking a 360-degree view of the complete customer journey

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