Collaboration with Leadership Roles to Support Your WFM Team

Collaboration with Leadership Roles to Support Your WFM Team

For your contact center to achieve peak performance, your Workforce Management team must have the support of the company’s leadership behind it. While this can take several forms, here are some of the most important ways you can collaborate with leadership roles within the company to support your WFM team.

Aligning Your Company and WFM Goals

First and foremost, your WFM team must be integrated into the larger picture of the company’s goals. But to achieve this, those who are making the decisions should have at least a basic understanding of WFM strategies and your ultimate goals.

Your leadership should make your priorities clear from day one. For example, you will need to decide early on if you are chasing performance guarantees or quality customer service. Then, you will need to commit to the strategy and see it through. If you attempt to backtrack or change strategies midstream, it will undo all progress you have made.

It’s also crucial to help other team leaders understand how the workload is distributed and how it impacts the contact center as a whole. When people see how they fit into the bigger picture, it reinforces the importance of the role each person has in the grander scope.

Providing Proper Resources

Another way to improve contact center operations is to ensure that the department has the resources it needs. If your WFM team is understaffed, there simply isn’t enough time in a day to complete all the regular responsibilities. It further reduces response times with each additional task that is assigned. And if they don’t have proper tools to run reports and perform their job functions, things are delayed even further.

The best way to ensure your contact is running efficiently is by removing these obstacles and utilizing everything at your disposal. Proper resources in conjunction with consistent delivery and management of WFM strategies will greatly reduce the time and cost it takes to get things done.

Internal Checks and Balances

Once you implement your WFM strategy, you also need to design a system of internal checks and balances to stay on track. This requires adjustments to optimize your contact center’s performance.

Creating checklists and following up with any issues that the WFM team brings to management’s attention will allow you to prevent problems before they arise. However, other actions may be necessary to maintain balance. Further delegation and redistribution of workloads to other departments will also prevent the team from becoming overloaded and help your contact center operate more efficiently.

Taking Care of Your People

In all our years of experience, everyone here at P3 understands that you are only as successful as those who support you. That’s why we make sure that we take care of our people and know they are getting the same support they need to do their jobs.

The experts at P3 can help companies who are struggling to identify how their leadership can support the WFM team. Simple changes can have significant impacts. And, you don’t have to sacrifice your bottom line to achieve the results you want.