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We help clients in a variety of industries, most particularly healthcare, financial services, government, travel & hospitality, and logistics, marry leading-edge contact solutions, from omni-channel, social and telephony, with an optimized and highly trained in-house or vendor workforce.

The result is highly organized contact center operations driven by real-time monitoring and analytics that deliver just-in-time solutions and forecasting of your next move.

P3 marries the team’s three decades of experience with deep, hands-on leadership and deployment of advanced performance enhancing technologies, such as speech analytics, robotics, and AI.

The team’s enduring commitment to constant innovation have delivered needle-moving results for the world’s most recognizable consumer focused companies in the healthcare, financial services, government, travel / hospitality, and logistics sectors.

P3 provides objective, comprehensive, and impactful strategic advisory, analytical, and implementation services that improve customer engagement and agent utilization.

We drive key outcomes with greater visibility and workforce management, and lower costs through immediate and long-lasting relief to contact center challenges.

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