CX Advisory Solutions

Precision Point’s experienced team advises clients on the best ways to achieve optimal outcomes.

Transforming CX Delivery is where Precision Point Partners shines.

From engineering healthier processes and workflows, to customer journey mapping, the experience our clients deliver to their customers is better once we are involved.

Customer Experience Transformation Services

The partners of Precision Point have decades of experience running global contact center organizations, which allows us to identify areas of improvement with associated actions quickly.

These actions include training, WFM, technology, coaching, human resources management, or a combination of several areas to improve.

AI-based Performance Management​

Operational Best Practices and Benchmarking

Contact Center Transformation

KPI / Performance Optimization

Robotic Process Automation

Business Process Innovation

Training: Leadership and Supervisory Development

Cloud Contact Center Evaluation and Implementation

Solution and Architecture Design

RFI/RFP Process Management

Remote Training and Quality Optimization

Why choose CX Advisory Solutions from Precision Point?

In addition to starting 3 different BPO’s, the Precision Point Partners have collectively led over 27 mergers and acquisitions specific to the contact center space, along with the associated integration efforts. This experience allows the team to look through a unique lens when helping clients identify, evaluate, and ultimately execute a global CX strategy supported by the technology and geographic footprint that will deliver the most success.

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