Empowering Your Agents with a Single Source of Data

Empowering Your Agents with a Single Source of Data

November 1st, 2021 

Empowering Your Agents with a Single Source of Data

Did you know that for 90% of Americans, the quality of a brand’s customer service determines whether they choose to do business with the company? While positive experiences help you retain customers and attract new ones, negative interactions affect their perceptions of your brand, affecting your bottom line. One way you can ensure faster, more efficient customer service is by providing a single source of business intelligence. By reengineering the knowledge bases, your company can provide superior customer experiences by empowering your agents with accurate and consistent information.

Empowering Your Agents

Research consistently shows that agents who feel empowered and valued achieve better job performance and overall customer satisfaction. Inaccurate information undermines the trust you are trying to build. However, offering them access to a single, universal source of data gives them autonomy and authority to solve problems. It also shows that you trust their decision making and ability to perform their jobs. 

Furthermore, when you provide them the right tools, your agents don’t waste time or money waiting for confirmation. It is both frustrating and time-consuming to get different answers from multiple places. If you have a single resource for business intelligence, the answers are clear. Maintaining a single source of data also makes it easier to share information with other team members and keeps management informed about current issues.

The Benefits of Empowering Your Agents 

Empowering your agents not only improves their job satisfaction, but it also benefits your business. Customers experience shorter call times when agents can access a single database to get the answers and authorizations they need. Your customers are happy not to be left waiting on the phone while your agents can help more people in a day.

There is less likelihood of miscommunications and misunderstandings as well when you maintain more streamlined databases. Agents receive more accurate information and consistent answers across all channels. In turn, they will have more confidence in their own abilities, enabling them to offer faster and more efficient interactions.

Offering a Single Source of Truth

There is no doubt that creating a single source of truth builds more trust with your employees and customers. There is a sense of transparency when the data is readily available and accessible to your agents. It also allows seamless communication within an omnichannel platform.

When you build a culture of empowerment and trust, you also give your agents more responsibility to take care of the customers’ needs. When agents feel they have more control in the decision-making process, they are also more motivated to achieve their goals. Therefore, if your agents feel respected and empowered, that transfers to your customers through every positive experience they have with your brand.