How Digital CX Can Improve the Customer Experience

How Digital CX Can Improve the Customer Experience

If you’re wondering what “Digital CX” really means, then you’re not alone. These days, it seems that “going digital” is becoming more of a buzzword than a strategy. In the latest podcast of CX on Point with Miguel Ramos, Kobus Van Der Westhuizen of Digital Tribe discussed how digital CX can improve the customer experience. More specifically, they discussed key issues when migrating from voice operations to a digital contact center. In this episode, not only do they discuss what this term means for the contact center industry, but also how it allows businesses to better serve their customers.

What Is Digital?

The traditional concept of “going digital” implies the use of communication tools like email, chats, and self-service options to reach customers. However, the definition is constantly changing. As AI evolves, it is moving beyond the tech to design more fluid and natural conversations. Robotic processes automation, which is driven by data and AI, is creating a more human interaction and providing customers with more user-friendly interfaces.

The general definition of what “Digital CX” incorporates is too broad of a stroke. You will get a different definition of what it means depending on the environment. Therefore, you must define what it means for your company and how these tools will be most effective for you.

Combining Human and Digital Capabilities

Although digital CX can greatly improve the customer experience, it’s the connection with customers that drives loyalty and overall satisfaction. Agent augmentation tools act as a guidance system, feeding the agents information to resolve the issue without interrupting the conversation. Therefore, your company can achieve greater member engagement since AI can collect data and populate information, allowing the agent to focus on the individual. Not only can agents perform their job more effectively, but customers are more satisfied after each interaction.

The key to engaging people with new digital capabilities is to offer more channels for people to communicate with you. Even when their first choice isn’t an immediate option, they may be willing to try other channels to assist. In addition to providing a higher level of customer care, utilizing intelligent design also enables customers the digital capability to help themselves.

The Future of Virtual Contact Centers

Although there have been significant strides in the digital capabilities of virtual contact centers, the industry is still a long way from the ultimate goals of conversational AI and complete autonomy. The only way for further advancement is the continued development of new technology and learning through trial and error.

P3 customers benefit from the lessons we have learned through this process since we use our experience to develop customized digital transformation strategies. It begins with collecting information and analyzing historical data to predict customers habits, behaviors, and demands. Conducting trend analysis also enables us to better prepare agents to deal with recurring and complex issues. Furthermore, we utilize AI to perform a variety of automated functions. However, it still requires constant monitoring and configuration. Not only will P3 show you how to most efficiently implement your strategy, but also how to successfully reach your digital CX goals.