Is Your WFM Team Fully Optimized with the Workforce Waterfall?

Every life lesson is built upon previous knowledge. The same holds when it comes to forecasting your business’ needs and your Workforce Management strategy. Using the Workforce Waterfall, your WFM team can fully optimize your company’s resources.

What Is the Workforce Waterfall?

Just as the name suggests, the Workforce Waterfall creates a flow of operations to optimize your workforce. It provides a step-by-step guide to help you accurately forecast and meet your staffing needs.

The Workforce Waterfall begins with long-term forecasting and capacity planning. At this stage, you should be asking yourself how many teammates you need to run your business and determine how much space will be required for on-site employees.

Next, it looks at financial planning and near-term forecasting. During this stage, you will be evaluating all the costs associated with licensing, hiring, recruiting, onboarding, and other resources required for daily operations.

Once you’ve established these, you can look at scheduling. You know how many people are needed to do the work, but what are the best schedules to put them in? And what are the skilling implications?

Finally, you arrive at the intra-day which requires a focused management strategy and real-time adherence monitoring. Many overlook the last step, which some argue is the most important. If you ignore the implementation, then what’s the point of having a plan? However, the Workforce Waterfall implemented by P3 can help you ensure that your team is fully optimized.

How Does It Benefit Your Call Center?

Following the Workforce Waterfall provides many benefits throughout your call center. First and foremost, it makes it easier to identify obstacles, find solutions, and communicate across departments. There is a sense of cohesion when everyone understands what part they play. Furthermore, it educates everyone on the WFM processes and how their role impacts the bigger picture. 

Additionally, it creates a checklist for your WFM team to help them stay on track towards your goals. WIth the Workforce Waterfall, you get clear, actionable checkpoints to ensure you don’t run into staffing deficits. 

Why Is It Important to Address Each Step?

Workforce management is a delicate balancing act. Each step is built upon the previous ones. Ignoring any one of these factors or missing a crucial step could upend business operations. Having a forward-thinking strategy will allow you to plan and prevent more significant issues.

The Workforce Waterfall will help you optimize the planning process and change the way you view your workforce. The P3 consultants are experts in Workforce Planning. They can help you identify where missteps have occurred and how to better anticipate your staffing needs.

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