Leveraging AI Technology to Support Your Agents and Customers

The Paradigm of AI and Contact Center Agents

Technology has gained an increasingly important role in contact center operations. It has become easier to manage and facilitate strategies since we have more capabilities as AI continues to advance. However, there is also a shifting paradigm between AI and agents, from one where technology only supports agents to one in which there is greater collaboration and coexistence. So, what strategies can we use to bolster this exchange?

Using AI to Solve Problems

Within contact centers, leadership strategies leverage AI technology to support agents and customers. Companies are trying to achieve this by utilizing digital tools to solve problems from within the organization.

There are several different types of problems AI can assist with as well as ways to implement change. Over time, you can train AI to solve a particular problem or set of problems. For example, you could use it to resolve issues dealing with algorithms, communication with other AI systems, or routing calls to ensure callers get to the right agent. These factors reduce the wait time for agent responses and the time customers spend on the phone.

It has also greatly enhanced QA monitoring and compliance. Not only can you better train your agents in what to say, but you can also ensure greater compliance through AI support. Many companies can now monitor 100% of their calls, allowing management to identify patterns and focus on calls that fall outside the norms.

However, one area that is rapidly changing is how AI can assist agents in real time. Voice analytics detect tone and sentiment that can offer agents insights into how to proceed with the caller. It can also provide rebuttals and supportive functions to collaborate with human agents. This helps agents to be more effective in their conversations with customers. And, real-time coaching and feedback on performance will reinforce training to make it more effective.

Will AI Replace Agents?

With the rapid advancement and search for “super” intelligence, many people wonder if AI will replace agents someday. The answer to this will ultimately depend on the leadership driving innovation.

AI was not intended to replace agents, but rather enhance their abilities to perform their jobs. Companies rely on it to complete simpler and time-consuming tasks within contact center operations, freeing up human agents to handle more complicated issues. 

Since AI makes decisions that are data-driven, there are still complex tasks that only humans can analyze. There are certain emotions such as humor, empathy, intuition, and instinct that can only be learned through human interactions and experience. These are learned skills that are too complex for current AI.

Instead of trying to replace the human workforce, successful companies are finding ways to leverage AI technology to support both their agents and customers. The ultimate goal is to create a better customer service experience on both ends of the line. The consultants at P3 are well-versed in the applications of AI and can help pinpoint how your company can better manage your tech resources to achieve the results you want.

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