Managing the Ups and Downs of Staffing Your Contact Center

Managing the Ups and Downs of Staffing Your Contact Center

October 5, 2021

Did you know that approximately 75% of a call center’s costs stem from its labor needs? Therefore, it’s important that you have the right team and AI when managing the ups and downs of staffing your contact center.

Call Centers are Inherently Inefficient

By their very nature, call centers are inefficient. You can’t predict when customers will decide to call or anticipate the random, unexpected surges and lulls in call volume. That’s why workforce management is both an art and a science.

Although you can use historical data to help you forecast your labor needs and call volume, the human element makes it impossible to calculate it with exact precision. Since each call is different, an agent’s call-handling capacity changes on a daily basis. Furthermore, you also have to make allowances for scheduled time off the phones for breaks, training, administrative tasks, and vacations. 

Then, there are the unpredictable behavior patterns of both your customers and your employees to contend with. Some things such as sickness, inclement weather, and downtime due to system issues can’t be planned for. However, having the right technology, software, and team allows you to navigate the ebbs and flows of call volume and facilitate best practices to optimize efficiency.

A Strong Workforce Management Team Staffing Your Contact Center

Managing the ups and downs of staffing your contact center requires a highly trained staff with special knowledge of workforce management and call center operations. With a well-orchestrated and systematic approach to forecasting workloads, calculating your staffing requirements, and creating schedules, your workforce management team can ensure you meet your service goals.

However, having the right software and digital support is almost as important as having the right people. Utilizing sophisticated AI can reduce the time it takes your team to determine and maintain the right staffing counts at different intervals. Not only does it minimize labor costs, but it also frees up your team members from mundane tasks which can easily be handled by the AI. Instead, they can focus on more important issues that require special attention.

Integrated Leadership Goals for Managing the Ups and Downs

We would also be remiss to overlook the importance of integrated leadership goals in your company’s success. Communication between your staff and management team is the key to successfully managing the ups and downs of staffing your contact center. P3 consultants can help you identify your pain points and introduce ways to optimize efficiency in your call center. With our expertise, we can help you through the complexities of properly staffing and balancing the costs, time, efficiency, and overall customer experience.