Brian D.

Characterized as an operationally savvy change galvanizer, Brian D. Brueckman is a strategic c-suite executive with common-sense approach and customer-centric mindset. He is adept at maintaining operational standards through systems, processes, and protocols that drive customer satisfaction, save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

With a consistent track record of quickly resolving bottlenecks and reversing financial losses, Brian runs large-scale, complex operations with the heft and reliability to drive profits, support long-term growth and enable lasting change. Most importantly, he operates as a people and capability builder, who unlocks potential in individuals and teams via inspirational mentorship and leadership.

Currently, Brian serves as EVP, Strategic Partnerships at Optum, the fast growing part of UnitedHealth Group. Here, he leads cultivation and delivery of external partnerships that drive growth and utilize capabilities across Optum and UHC to create innovative market solutions.

Brian is also a pivotal member of the United Health Insurance Company Board of Directors. Previously, Brian operated as Chief Operating Officer and EVP, Benefit Operations at United Health Care Inc. Here, he led global operational performance across UnitedHealthcare, focused on advancing quality and growth across the company and overseeing 35,000 operations employees and leaders across multiple business areas at UHC. He has triumphed in driving consumer satisfaction and creating a world class customer experience through infusing operational consistency.

Injecting urgency and passion for change, Brian led efforts to resolve member and provider issues more quickly, create brand champions in the employee population, and make UnitedHealthcare the preferred healthcare choice. In 2021, he led the Save Program for M&R, yielding 5% improvement in member retention (2021) and $58M incremental revenue. Furthermore, through operations, process and systems excellence, he garnered ~$2B+ in gross cost savings.

Earlier across the wireless telecommunications industry, Brian gained progressive responsibilities at T-Mobile rising to the Executive Vice President position. In this highly visible, executive leadership role, he transformed a customer service organization to a service & sales organization, galvanizing organization to achieve 15% growth in incremental revenues, productivity, and bottom-lines.

While at T-Mobile, Brian won eight J.D. Power & Associates awards for customer service. He led a program that generated more than $200M in revenues through service package sales, and he drove $350M+ of savings in operational expenses.

Through enabling automation, leading innovative technology planning, devising sound operating standards and procedures, and deploying reliable IT infrastructure, Brian succeeded in reducing costs and optimizing profits. In this role, he showcased exceptional knowledge of global mobile/digital eco-systems, software and operating systems. His change efforts helped organization save millions in OPEX, outsourcing and regulatory costs.

As VP, Technical Support, Brian built the Oakland, ME call center from the ground up. Furthermore, he also launched 2 additional centers in Augusta, GA and Chattanooga, TN. As Director of Customer Service, he developed Oakland as one of the top performing sites at T-Mobile.

Overall, Brian is recognized as an authentic leader who “calls it as he sees it”. He is an inspirational, servant leader who lifts morale and builds cohesive, collaborative, engaged, and customer-centered teams. He received a bachelor’s of science degree in economics at the University of Florida.

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