What Is the Impact of Agent Empowerment on the Customer Experience?

As the first point of contact, your agents have a significant influence with your customers. Therefore, many companies are taking an in-depth look at what affects their agents’ daily lives. And, they are adopting a more employee-centric business model and determining what they can do to improve their workload, financial situation, and morale. Agent empowerment is a crucial component of this process. When people feel supported and trusted to make the right decisions, they become more productive and aligned with your goals of providing the best service possible. Here are 5 ways you can clearly see the impact of agent empowerment on the customer experience.

5 Ways You See the Impact of Agent Empowerment on the Customer Experience

  1. Agents make quicker decisions and find solutions.

    One of the most frustrating things about life in a call center is waiting. Both customers and agents alike hate being put on hold. However, it’s sometimes necessary when an agent needs permission from a supervisor to perform certain actions.

    Therefore, giving agents the authority to make these decisions reduces the time it takes to find a solution. This leads to shorter calls, more positive outcomes, and increased first-call resolutions.

  2. They have more confidence in their problem-solving abilities.

    When agents are entrusted with empowerment, it shows that the leadership team has confidence in them to solve their customers’ problems. It also allows them access to more tools, resources, and support they need for every situation they will encounter. Knowing where to find the answers will not only help them get there faster, but also help agents become more competent and resourceful.

    Instilling this trust in your agents will also help them gain more confidence in their own problem-solving abilities. In addition to becoming more efficient in their roles, more agent empowerment often creates better solutions and more satisfied customers.

  3. They show more empathy with your customers.

    Agent empowerment also means recognizing the humanity of your employees and allowing them to be more than just a cog in the machine. If they have the empowerment to act, the situation is no longer out of their control. Since they are in a position to do something, agents are more likely to show empathy and connect with customers on a personal level to solve their problems.

  4. Agents provide friendlier and more knowledgeable assistance.

    Knowledge in itself can bring empowerment. By providing agents access to more resources, they can quickly find the answers they need. Not only will they spend less time navigating, but they will also become more capable of successfully handling complex problems.

    Having access to the information your customers need results in less frustration on both sides of the conversation. Agents who know where to look can quickly provide answers in addition to friendlier and more knowledgeable assistance. All of these factors create more satisfied people and more pleasant interactions.

  5. Empowerment leads to greater job satisfaction and more loyal customers.

    When your employees are happy, your customers can feel the difference in the quality of their service. And, better interactions lead to more loyalty to your business.

    By giving your agents greater autonomy, they have more control in their sphere of influence and tend to be more satisfied with their jobs. Agent empowerment allows you to move away from micromanaging and trust them to perform the jobs they were hired to do. It also builds trust and helps them feel more engaged in the corporate culture. Staying connected to the company’s mission means your employees are more likely to stay for the long term.

Giving agents more independence helps bring their humanity back to the customer experience. Therefore, granting your agents more empowerment is an important step in building better customer service. But, it does have its limits. Make sure you check back next week as we take a closer look at what this means in different industries. No matter what industry you are in, the consultants at P3 can help you create a strategy that ensures your agents can provide the best experience possible. Let us help you see the positive impact that agent empowerment can have on your business.
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