What We Do

P3 provides objective, comprehensive, and impactful strategic advisory, analytical, and
implementation services that improve customer engagement and agent utilization.

Customer Experience Transformation Services

Transforming this experience is what P3 does best. From engineering healthier processes and workflows to mobilizing a workforce to a work@home model, the experience our clients deliver to their customers is better once we are involved.

The customer experience is one of the most defining aspects of any brand today. It can mean the difference between profits and loss, success or failure, growth or decline.

P3’s decades of experience running global contact center organizations have led us to a methodology that allows our teams to quickly identify areas of improvement with associated actions. These actions include training, WFM, technology, coaching, human resources management, or a combination of several areas to improve.

Advisory & Management Consulting

Customer Experience Management
Business Process Innovation
Training: Leadership and Supervisory Development
Outsourcing Strategy
Merger and Acquisition / Private Equity Support

Contact Center Technology Transformation

Diligence and Selection

Unparalleled professional services include change management; technology and digital implementation; facility operations, process design/development, and workforce optimization; transformational human resources processes and training; as well as business consulting, assessments, and due diligence for the investor community.

Technology Advisory & Implementation

Cloud Contact Center Evaluation and Implementation
Solution and Architecture Design
RFI/RFP Process Management and Vendor Selection
Remote Training and Quality Optimization

Managed Services & Staff Augmentation

Turn to P3 to address Contact Center resource and service gaps (WFM, training, technology, quality); identify process optimization opportunities; design and implement strategies; vendor management and optimization; contact center site selection, build-out, and transfer and disposition; and project management.

Staff augmentation services may include placement of skilled contract workers or full redesign and management of departmental responsibilities. (Long or short-term).

The result is a strategic and agile execution that allows you to focus on your core business competency and scale when needed, all while driving exceptional customer experiences. This ensures exceptional outcomes and true contact center ROI.

Managed Services & Staff Augmentation

Contact Center as a Service (WFM, training, technology, quality)
Staff Augmentation (temporary and long-term)
Vendor Management
Contact Center Site Selection, Build and Transfer

Contact Center Partner Diligence and Selection

P3’s decades of BPO experience make the team uniquely qualified to help clients select the best geography and location for their next contact center.

The team follows a rigorous checklist by industry to successfully match our clients with the perfect partner. Additionally, we provide full transparency on each potential partner’s strengths and weaknesses using a detailed ranking system. This guidance has proven to be invaluable for the numerous clients we have supported through diligence and selection.

In addition, the team establishes a proper ‘hand-over’ to ensure that the relationship between P3’s client and their new vendor is collaborative, accountable, and established on the best path for success.

Performance & Cost Optimization

AI-based Performance Management
Operational Best Practices and Benchmarking
Contact Center Transformation
KPI / Performance Optimization
Robotic Process Automation